Daily Contests

  -Must be over 18 years old

-May not have won a daily prize within the past 30 days

-Please bring valid ID to claim prize within 30 days of winning



  • The “Five Second Tunemaster” at 7:40am, guess the artist and song to win
  • “Morning Show Trivia” at 8:40am, first caller with the correct answer wins a prize from Potter’s Bakery.
  • The “First and Worst” joke of the day brings a laugh at 7:20am, and the “Joke of the Week” on Fridays. I tell an email joke submitted by a listener, post it on my web page, and send the winner a Minerva’s gift card.
  • Bay Bread, “Up on the Roost” Tuesday and Thursday $15 gift certficate.
  • Plus, plenty of classic hits from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s from 6am-10am on “The Morning Show”



  • Golf Trivia, weekdays at 11:20am a chance for you to win the best kind of golf there is—FREE!
  • The 70’s Hot Lunch, weekdays from noon to one. The best music from the seventies, and seventies trivia another way to win



  • Music Calendar 3:40pm (Rock Music History of the Day)
  • Top 5 at 5:00 for Culver’s


Contest Rules(Click to download)

-Must be 18 years or older

-To Qualify for a major station promotion, may not have won within  the past 12 months

-To Qualify for a daily contest, may not have won within the past 30 days

-To Qualify for a major station promotion, enter only once on air and/or on our website to qualify (all other registration forms will be disqualified)

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