Dave Gauthier


10:00am-2:00pm Weekdays

I was born in Traverse City, and after a few years of living in and visiting other beautiful places I realized there is no place that I’d rather be. I’m lucky to have been able to be in broadcasting since my senior year in high school. After all these years I have no idea what I’d be doing for a living instead, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun.

I have four wonderful sons, Joseph, Matthew, Aaron and Christopher and a great wife, Tami Jo.  I enjoy spending time with them when our busy schedules allow. My main hobby is golf. I love to play, and I’m constantly tinkering with my swing, still waiting for the one “secret” to become known to me. I also enjoy playing euchre, camping, and fishing (although I’m not particularly good at it)

Show Highlights

  • The 70’s Hot Lunch, weekdays from noon to one. The best music from the seventies, and seventies trivia another way to win
  • Golf Trivia, weekdays @ 11:30. A chance for you to win the best kind of golf there is…free golf!
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